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clintromanovs asked → james rhodes or steve rogers

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inspired by [x]

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 Upcoming Korean MMO “Black Desert” shows incredible level of customization {x}

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And they’re both touch-starved and snugglyyyyyyy!!!! (Yes I’m reading that fic too)
it’s so fluffy and cute ;w;
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# even tho fluff and cuddling arent usually not my cup of tea but i love it in this fic# replies# quandongcrumble

I have seen The Winter Soldier and I still ship Stony



We’re still here.




Someone who stands their ground no matter what.

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Anonymous: you mentioned a mcu/616 tony fanfic? :3 do you remember the name of it by chance?

oh no not mcu/616 fanfic! it’s ults/mcu fanfic and thanks to this fic, this ship has been growing on me asdfgklkl

gotta say the fic is not ground breaking or anything like that but it’s enough to make me start imagining cute scenes :’3

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Ults Tony/MCU Tony though

ults keep calling him Anthony though

ults saying that he dont mind if Anthony grows to be like MCU Tony though


fluff fluFF FLUFF

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Unknown"Reset" by UnknownAyaka Hirahara
( UnknownOkami Original Soundtrack (DISC 4) )
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"Reset" // Ayaka Hirahara (Okami Original Soundtrack; Disc 4)

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Unknown"Reset" ~"Thank You" Version~ by UnknownHiroshi Yamaguchi
( UnknownŌkami Original Soundtrack )
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Anonymous: We are in the same boat! Ticklish Tony is adorable. Imagine him giggling as his tummy or feet are attacked, trying to bat the other person away or cover up his sensitive spots and hold back little laughter. And a large part of me believes that Steve would like, for a lack of better term, fuller people. He came from a time where thin was seen as unhealthy or starving. Seeing Tony with a bit of fullness would make him happy. And he can kiss the belly. (´∀`)

yeyeyeyeyeee <33333

omg thats really adorable i wanna draw a thing for that guuhgg

the belly kissing will escalate to a whole hotter level i believe but let’s keep the description minimu at least UuU

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villain steve x hero tony  AU


villain steve x hero tony  AU

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Anonymous: What do you think of chubby!Tony? Not fat, just a little extra in the middle? Personally, I think it's adorable and a little extra never hurt, but I'm always curious about others as well. Same for him being really, and I mean REALLY ticklish.

hmm i’d never thought about it but i think it’s adorable! seeing Tony healthy is always good :) although i feel bad now because i was drawing ults tony and well, i was drawing him extra thin

TICKLISH TONY IS MY FAVORITE THING ;w; just imagine him getting breathless for laughing way too much and weakly protesting that he might piss himself if this continues..

super ticklish 616 tony adhjgahkakdj

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